Video advertising is now available to everyone. The Internet and the development of digital technologies have done their job: a simple ad can be shot and uploaded independently. But if you don’t want people to skip your ads, you should know some rules.

You can attract people with the size of the advertising banner, do some artistic trick, or come up with the original slogan but not get what you want. People are incredulous and picky. They want to get not a beautiful package but a quality product or service that will solve their problem. So, how to make an advertisement video that would attract attention?


Great advertisements are effective, that is, advertisements that work. In other words, they deliver specific messages to consumers. To achieve this, advertising should disseminate a message that encourages consumers to respond to it in a certain way.

What makes an effective ad? What characteristics of effective advertising influence the reaction of consumers? To make consumers act, advertising must attract attention. Also, advertising should attract interest for a long time to convince consumers to change their purchasing behavior and try a product, which sometimes can mean switching to another brand, and after that provide getting used to the product and re-buying it. In general, an advertisement or an advertising campaign works if it creates an idea of a product or a brand in people’s minds, makes them react in a certain way, and ensures the difference between a company’s product or brand and competing products and brands.


One of the disappointing conclusions is that 76% of users don’t watch an advertising video simply because they are used to skipping ads. Moreover, the vast majority of those who skip ads do this as soon as the “Skip ad” button appears – that is, after 5 seconds.

Many users also don’t watch boring and formal videos. Studying user behavior, Google divided ads into 10 general categories based on their style and tone. The leader in the number of full views was the category “humorous.” So, a funny advertisement video has more chances to interest people.

Also, it was proven that the younger the audience, the more often an ad is skipped – another useful observation. Users from older age groups skip ads less frequently. 


At first glance, it might seem that the process of creating an advertising video is not such a complicated matter. But in fact, this is not so! To shoot a high-quality and interesting video, you need to make a lot of effort and show your imagination.

1. Market research

If you want to make a good TV advertisement, then before starting the advertising campaign, you should determine your target audience, collect information about the most promising customers, and, based on this information, segment the market and understand how to sell a product or service. Remember that advertising must be addressed to a specific target audience.

2. Idea generation

Advertisement videos are often characterized by a lack of plot and directly advertise the product. Of course, this option is possible, but such advertising affects a narrow circle of customers. To increase the target audience and attract new customers, the script of the commercial ad should be interesting for the viewer, not the buyer. Don’t be afraid to entrust the generation of ideas to a specialist, namely a screenwriter. Of course, this is your product, and you know everything about it, but the screenwriter knows how to interact with the audience through ads.

3. Accuracy

A lot of specialists should be involved in the process. First, copywriters and creative directors write the script for future creation. After the example of the advertisement script is approved, the director presents own vision of what is written in the work. Ad production doesn’t tolerate negligence and inaccuracy. Every frame, every movement in the lens here should be 100% verified. Main characters, their clothing style, interior – everything matters.

4. Preparation

How to make an advertisement? Now you have to prepare everything that is required by the script. For some advertising, special preparation is not required. You can rent a studio, but it can be difficult to find a great actor (if needed). Ideally, you need to conduct a casting with him or her, then an actor’s audition with the director, and only then allow a person to shoot, otherwise you risk it very much.

5. Audience

The most important rule is to direct your video to the consumer who has already bought your products. You must know this consumer’s portrait. Identify your target audience, determine your goal, and use this data when creating a video. If you make a mistake with at least one point, then the money for advertising will be wasted.

6. Duration

Before you start shooting a video, you need to decide on its duration. Some experts argue that watching an ad shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, while others believe that 30 seconds advertisement is not good, as it is not enough to create a real story. One thing is clear for sure – the video should be exciting from the first seconds and shouldn’t last longer than 3 minutes.

7. Technologies

Most often, the customer doesn’t know about the possibilities of implementing the idea of an ad. The specifics of the filming process and further work with the material is the most important process in creating a movie. So, how to create a short advertising video then? The good advertising techniques will help transfer the idea to the screen and achieve numerous responses from the target audience.

8. Emotional weapons

What emotions are inherent in your target audience? How do they change depending on situations? What emotions should people experience when they watch your ad? Use this information and advertising tricks and techniques. Emotions are an integral part of our life. They determine our mood, ability to perceive and remember information, and readiness for action. Emotional experiences while watching ads contribute to remembering the message. 

9. Budget

Good advertising costs a lot. But any advertisement that meets the modern canons of marketing has a predictable payback. And since the money will return to you profitably, then why are you afraid to invest? It’s also scary to invest in the purchase of materials for production according to this logic – what if the expiration date is over, and you don’t have enough time to use it?

10. Other resources

If you want to create an advertisement video, then it is worth noting that to increase the number of views of ads, it must be placed on popular social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Instagram. The main guarantee of the success of an advertising video is its recognition; therefore, it is necessary to expand the territory of its distribution.

Once investing in an effective ad, calculating its conversion, arranging statistics collection, and working with clients, you can compensate for the cost of producing and promoting the video several times. The main thing here is to find a professional team with a good portfolio. Give professionals a clear statement of work, a portrait of your audience, detailed information about the product, calculate the budget, set goals for the payback of the project, and act!