At first, glance, creating a music video may seem like a rather complicated and time-consuming task. But first, let’s decide and find out what a music video is. In fact, this is the same thing as making a movie, only a very truncated, short one. The process of creating a music video is practically no different from the process of creating a film, as similar methods and techniques are used. And some moments even exceed the complexity of creating a film. For example, editing a music video lasts much longer. In today’s article, we are going to list some of the best and creative music video ideas.

Before moving on to the question of how to make a music video, let’s talk a little about the purpose and tasks that a music video serves to an artist or a band.


A single music video can turn an artist into a world-known star overnight, and this isn’t anything new. It is crazy how many times it happened to artists and bands over the years. But what is behind this magic?

A well-produced music video can grab the viewer’s attention and not let go till the end. This is the main advantage of music videos.

As a rule, you have to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into a music video. Even if you are not planning to use all sorts of wild high-budget effects, a music video will cost you quite a lot. But there are some rare cases when an artist was able to make something truly unforgettable for a few bucks and a tuna sandwich.

Music videos are something that you can watch on a TV channel, and it is something that is simply more attractive to a viewer of sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. If a person doesn’t like your music, they will at least be able to appreciate something about your video. If they didn’t like your video, well, they can just get themselves an audio version of your track.

That being said, let’s list some cool music video ideas.


Below are some great music video ideas which you can use in your next music video.

1. Musical challenges. Let’s start with some easy music video ideas. Ice buckets have long gone out of fashion. Use the items you have at home, on the bus, at the concert venue, or in the hotel room to record a new track. Then challenge your friends or your fellow band members. If possible, you can even send them the tools that you’ve used as part of the task.

2. Do something good to someone else. Record a video in which you give something from yourself to another person. Maybe you have a friend or a fan who should be given a few words of comfort? Do something special for someone you care about (or a stranger) and record all of it. Such comforting videos can inspire others to do good things themselves.

3. Find an interesting partner for cooperation. Collaborate with someone unexpected (a fan or another musician). There are many artists with whom you can establish cooperation to give your music a new sound. Maybe, for example, teach a local choir how to play your songs.

4. Dance videos. Music videos with dances are an interesting option because they will contain your music and can reach a wide range of viewers from around the world without the need for translation. If you have a small budget, contact your local ballet studio and make sure that they are interested in working with you. Collaboration and mutual promotion by using dance is another opportunity that is worth trying out. Quite a few ideas for a music video can be derived from other forms of art as well, like paintings, sculptures, even martial arts.

5. Share moments from your tour. Here’s the last one on the list of good music video ideas. During a music tour, keep a diary or record a series of videos documenting your adventures. Fans want to know what happens inside your tour bus or which city you will visit next. Then make a compilation of the best moments that happened backstage, and you will get a video that shows the way you live your life, the way your band goes on tours.

These were the best ideas for a music video that we know of. Now let’s talk about some other important things one should remember about great music videos.


Music videos are considered a great marketing tool, especially for music bands that release an album or go on tour. But many forget about simple rules that you must adhere to when creating it. Perhaps they are not new but are considered the foundation of any successful music video that is out there.

If you don’t know how to make a music video, then adhere to the following tips.

1. Record a song on digital media before shooting so that you can listen to it when shooting and recording a music clip, which will very well help you combine all the segments of the video fragments into one since the audio track is already in the video.

2. Remember that in a music video, you need to shoot your main character from different angles in large numbers. If you are going to use a small number of angles, then the entire video will feel very tight and claustrophobic due to the small number of angles and frames you’ve used to capture the action.

3. How to shoot a music video? Record a large amount of interchangeable material to make the music video more diverse and dynamic. Some directors make shots of dances, and then combine them with those shots that are directly related to the song and the history of the music video. Such jumping from one frame to another can ruin the understanding of the plot in a movie, but in music videos, it works perfectly.

4. The script is the cornerstone of the music video. A detailed storyboard and a quality script with all the prescribed moments will turn the shooting process into a very easy job. You save time, nerves, and do not miss any details. However, do not get carried away: don’t stare at the storyboard for too long – you may come to a dead end and start losing interest in your idea. Cool music videos don’t create themselves.

5. Remember that, in addition to shooting, there is also post-production services a lot of things depend on. Therefore, do not forget to monitor color balance and exposure. It makes no sense to mount the illuminated video with a littered horizon. And yes, you have to learn to use light sources, as too much depends on the art of light.

6. How to make a music video? Remember that it should be stylistically coherent. It is believed that in the best music video, the visual representation coincides with the song.


How many times have you listened to the song that you want to take as the basis for the music video? The larger the number of times, the more likely it is that you will create a more vivid and clearer picture of the future music video in your head.

  • Are there dramatic changes at the beginning of the song or at the end of it?
  • What frames and images do you have to see when listening to a song?
  • What do you feel when you are listening to the song?

It is necessary to conduct a small brainstorm when listening to a music track repeatedly to determine its highlights, and only then write them on paper, and if you can draw, it is better to sketch them and make a storyboard.

Then these materials can be used when communicating with the customer and the singer, and even more so when creating the final version of the script.

In this article, we showed you the best solution on the market, and right today you can order a music video for your band. I hope that this information about creating a music video was interesting and useful, and you learned something new for yourself.