You can make a good video if you come up with an interesting topic and its presentation, behave correctly in front of the camera, and also use filmmaking equipment for beginners and professionals wisely. Then the picture will be good, and the plot will be interesting. But special attention needs to be paid to additional equipment. Without a stabilizer or proper lighting, it’s hard to create a good movie.

We have prepared several recommendations for the selection of filmmaking equipment. Now it will be easier for you to navigate through the devices and materials necessary for shooting high-quality videos.


In short, yes, you can. But get ready for the fact that you have to seriously study your technique and devote a lot of time and money to create your own movie to get at least an acceptable result.

On the other hand, having an expensive video production gear doesn’t guarantee that its owner is more professional than anyone with a simple camera. The equipment doesn’t determine the level of professionalism of a person (you need to know this a priori). Experienced filmmakers can get a good-quality image, using the equipment they have because they know how to use it! And, most importantly, they understand the basics of video making. When you study filmmaking, your ambitions grow, you will feel the need to buy professional video making equipment and not because your videos will become better thanks to this but because you can improve the technical quality of your videos.


If you plan to seriously engage in filmmaking, you will need to organize a mini-studio. And here we have the video production equipment list of what is needed:


Compact cameras are easy to use and great for shooting under a variety of conditions. Some have a liquid-crystal display, so you can watch the shooting. These easy-to-use cameras at a relatively low price (about $500) can shoot with Full HD resolution, and many filmmakers choose them for frequent shooting.

What else does the video production equipment package include? Digital SLR cameras can make the image more cinematic, but they require additional skills. With these cameras, you can use different lenses. SLR cameras are more expensive (from 500 to 2500 US dollars). They are preferred by people who want to achieve a more professional or artistic image.

Also, remember that almost every smartphone or tablet has a camera. Of course, the image quality will be worse, but at any time, you can start shooting videos and gradually save up for professional filmmaking equipment.

video production equipment package


Many authors use two-point light, which implies two light sources located opposite each other. With this video production equipment, one source of light provides the main lighting, while the other softens the shadows. 

You can also use soft or diffused light. Diffused lamps are cheaper, consume less energy, and mask imperfections. One soft-light lamp is great for shooting close-ups. Such light can be used to illuminate the background or some elements in the frame if necessary.

Don’t forget about the brightest light source – the sun! You can shoot on the street or by the window. Some filmmakers even prefer to shoot at certain times to use only daylight. It’s easier and cheaper!


A good sound in the video is necessary. Remember that viewers are generally much more lenient with poor lighting than with poor sound quality.

If you use the camera’s built-in microphone, it’s best to place it about a meter away from the main characters in the video. The settings for recording will depend on the location of the shooting and other factors.

Some filmmakers purchase directional microphones with an average cost of $150–250. Since this filming gear can be directed to a specific object, they can record more natural sound over a wide range of frequencies.

If you want to record the speech of a person who is far from the camera, you can use a wireless lapel microphone (average cost – $200-600), which is attached to clothes. For example, such a microphone is a suitable piece of filming equipment for recording the speech of a fitness instructor during a workout.

video making equipment


Tripod. This is an indispensable accessory for any camera that allows you to capture a frame and record beautiful static plans on video.

Memory cards. Videos require much more space than you might think. At best, you should buy a 32-gigabyte memory card.

Monopod. With such a convenient item, you can show yourself to the world and get success among subscribers!

Remote controller. The remote controller is especially useful for YouTube users who take pictures of themselves. With it, you don’t have to constantly get up to turn the camera on and off.

Professional background. A nice background can set the tone for the entire video. It may seem friendly, professional, or amateur. It is important to make the right choice.


In addition to physical equipment, the filmmakers also have a wide range of editing software. When you get beyond the basic level, then think about updating the software and switching to professional editors, which includes more complex functions and effects.

For example, a good computer is a necessary video shooting equipment. With its help, the video will be edited. But it requires good performance and the ability to work with different programs. Accordingly, it is necessary to take care of a sufficient amount of RAM, a productive processor, and a powerful video card.

Also, you need Adobe Premiere Pro. This is an application for video editing, which is equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out post-processing of video. It is compatible with a wide range of digital cameras like Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and others, which makes it much easier to import and edit video.

Lightworks is another video editing software. It has existed for more than twenty years in the market, and only since 2012, it began to be distributed free of charge. At the moment, it also has a paid version, which almost doesn’t differ from the free one, except that you can save a video in various formats with its help.

An effective and high-quality video is, first of all, vivid and memorable images, an understandable message, a “catchy text” written with understanding, and vision of the needs and problems of the target audience. It is necessary to carefully prepare information about the presented service or product. If you create a truly high-quality, effective, and working video, then you will expand your customer base, significantly increasing the company’s revenue.