Do you want to promote your product or service with the help of videos? Excellent choice (no sarcasm at all)! All that you have to do is just to approach (or contact) a production company and collect the finished video in a week (definitely sacrasm this time).

Here, in the Cinema-Friends Production, we hold that advertising video is the fruit of joint work of both the creative team and the customer. This blog theme is pre-production.

For most folks, pre-production is the most annoying and boring stage in video content creation. This is true in many ways, but it is in this very initial phase the foundation for understanding between the customer and the production company is laid. The entire long and thorny path of creating a video starts with formulating a detailed requirements specification and filling out the brief. Then comes a kind of shuttle run: development of video concepts by creative team — customer approval — script writing — its approval — treatment writing — its approval.

“Approval” is the crucially important word of the whole pre-filming process (if you turn a blind eye to “rewriting”). The number of meetings with the customer is directly proportional to amount of time spent in accurate preparation of the requirements specification.
Scouting of locations and actors, scheduling of shooting and holding a pre-production meeting – all these things must be done before the shooting phase. And all these are details of a complex and delicate mechanism. Therefore, one cannot give an exact and uniform answer to the frequently asked question on duration of pre-production phase. From several weeks till months; it is rather large amplitude. But if the production company has as good number of completed projects as Cinema-Friends Production has, then the preproduction of the video will definitely be fast-paced, thoughtful and efficient.