If advertising content is delivered to users through vivid and compelling images together with a variety of catchy tunes, it is very easily absorbed. It’s the unconventional and image-based advertising that is highly rated with the modern audience for which it is being developed. As a result, their business image, financial success, and sales ratings increase.

As video consumption grows, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have made video marketing a primary focus. In 2018, brands spent over $90 billion dollars on video ads. According to a recent Forrester report that number is expected to hit $102.8 billion by the year 2023.

Nowadays, people are increasingly reluctant to retrieve info in magazines and newspapers, they prefer researching online. On the Internet, video advertising has become ubiquitous. With its correct structuring, it is possible to get an educational effect, i.e., to “store data” about the advertised product in the users’ memory.

To increase the video ad recall, one should consider some of its features.

To begin with, you should analyze the purpose of the video ad to be developed. For what purpose will you film a video? To sell your products? To introduce the activities of your company to the Internet users? It is vital to think through the plot, because this will enable you to present the necessary information in the required format and to evoke the desired connotations and emotions from users. With different production of videos, story creators set different tasks for them, drawing on material provided by the customer.

The standard video ad does not arouse viewers’ particular interest in the advertised product. If the ad is made in a creatively different way and the video is not based on classical scenario, the viewer’s interest in the product grows and the demand for the products picks up. The main function of video advertising of goods is to increase sales, and often, with the high-grade ad, the never-before-known products become real best-selling brands.

One of the video formats is branding a product and building its positive image. The created video clip makes the store, firm, company and product memorable and recognizable, which positively affects the financial performance of companies. The plots of 3D video clip can be presented as a series of commercials with a clear-cut scenario for each that helps reinforce the information about the enterprise or products in the minds of consumers.  

Creative video advertising is of particular interest. If a creative approach was used in developing the plot of a video commercial, engagement of viewers would increase. Creative advertising is not always applied for increasing sales of certain goods or services. To a greater extent, this category of video advertising is aimed at building linkage with the buyer and his/her awareness of the advertised product and its importance for everyday life, and getting to know the activities of a company.

When developing video commercials, it is important to consider the psychology of the buyer, his/her perception and individual workings of thinking processes. If video advertising is developed without taking into account the psychological characteristics of the target audience, there is no sense in its production. For a high-quality video commercial, primitive concepts and dull images will not work, and it will just be a meaningless video ad. It is important to make the video plot a real work of art, to include all possible innovative achievements of computer graphics; thus, and only thus, you can expect the end of your purpose. By incorporating psychological aspects into the video commercial, it will be possible to significantly increase the ad recall and to turn the ordinary bright pictures into an excellent tool for mutually beneficial cooperation with potential customers.

You should always remember that video advertising must be recognizable, and convey in full the essence  that creators put into it.