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How to Write a Short Film Script: Ideas and Tips

Let’s talk about short films and how to write a script for one. We will list some creative tips and ideas that you can use in your filmmaking career. Today we will find out how to write a short horror film, how to write a screenplay for a short film, list some short film script examples, identify the characteristics of a short film format, and give you some short film script ideas.

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A Brief Guide to Color Correction in Films

Today we will talk about everything that has to do with the color correction of film media, how to do color correction, why the color correction is important, how to color grade, the difference between color correction and color grading, and everything in between.

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7 Steps on How to Start a Video Production Company

The production industry is a very interesting field that involves a lot of creativity and ambitions, but a lot of people are very afraid of making the first steps in this industry, so today we are going to talk about these first steps. Before you ever think of starting a film production company, you have to learn about the basics.

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