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Video Production Costs: What Does It Depend On and How to Calculate It?

Everyone seems to be interested in the creative aspects of video production or how to choose a good video production studio, but the practical aspects of video production, such as the costs and potential waste that are associated with the process often seem to be overlooked. How much does video production cost? Well, this article deals with the issue of video production costs breakdown.

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10 Essential Tips on Filming a Video Ad

Video advertising is now available to everyone. The Internet and the development of digital technologies have done their job: a simple ad can be shot and uploaded independently. But if you don’t want people to skip your ads, you should know some rules.

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How to Make a Video Interview

Interviews are all the rage now. They are the ultimate form of video content; you can shoot a movie review, a podcast, an interview, etc. by having the most basic interview equipment.

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How to Edit a Video: Techniques and Rules

How long does it take to edit a video? Just imagine: to make a two-hour film, the film crew works for several months, shooting hundreds of hours of video and making thousands of takes. Then, all this magically turns into a finished picture – interesting, consistent, with complete thought and an understandable plot. If you want to create something like that, then use our video editing tips for beginners.

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