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How to Find Actors and Other Casting Tips for Your Video

What does it take to shoot a catchy video? Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is a fresh idea. It grows into a script, and once it’s ready, you may start looking for a professional crew, rent a ton of expensive gear, and find actors, of course. And depending on your goals, the latter might be a pain in the neck. Sure, you can spare yourself the trouble and hire a team of beginners in a few clicks or even step in front of the camera and test your acting skills. But no matter how good your film crew is, poor acting will kill your project.

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How to Make an Animation Video: Main Steps

Motion graphics are one of the best ways to make your project or brand noticeable. The animation is a universal language understood by all nations, cultures, and age groups. Unlike classic commercial videos, animated movies give you complete freedom to share thoughts and ideas the way you like.

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How to Write a Script for a Video

The script is the first step towards making a high-quality video, regardless of its goal and duration. It’s a well-made script that determines whether or not the viewer will catch the author’s main idea.

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Using Drone Videography in Filmmaking

Until recently, aerial filming has been considered the exclusive privilege of professional filmmakers. With the widespread use of quadcopters, this has become available to everyone. What are the difficulties and peculiarities of shooting from drones?

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