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Production and Video Marketing Trends Everyone is Looking Forward to in 2019

2018 was a legendary year for the video and vlogging billions-worth industry. The upcoming year already predicts overwhelming success for content-makers, as videos almost completely took over television, radio stations, and paper publications. As of lately, advertisers prefer to deal with a younger generation of YouTubers rather than sponsoring TV channels. The reason for this is extreme popularity, short integration, and the up-to-80% conversion ratio which makes the audience easy on clicking the right link. So, what are the prospects for 2019 in terms of video marketing trends?

1. Video creation becomes easier for everyone

Back to the past, the video creation field was for professionals only. Even if you had a camera in dad’s garage and a projector in your attic, the process of montage and visual refining was still a complicated, expensive, and unstudied thing. After the new era came in, consumer-amateur video creation rapidly evolved into homegrown motion design and movie industry. Then came the era of 4k video cameras, and because the consumer market got so big, companies lowered the price points or created a lot of free software or programs with a free trial, as well as Play Market apps. But this is only one side of the coin. The amount of new professionals definitely has been a competition for clients and those who use creative apps on a free basis. That is why the constant fight of newbies and long-term masters make the market grow. This gives video industry a lot of diversity, and now people get video production services for free. When it comes to marketing, 2019 will be the year of advanced smartphone technology on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, which will be embedded with the features, like hosting, editing, in-app processing, and instant refining. This is definitely a natural process because video content comes first now, so off- brand and copycat companies will create services as advanced as world-known titans, such as YouTube and Snapchat.

2. Facebook leaves the throne

Facebook used to be on the rise for a good 10 years, but 2019 dictates new rules.  Because of the 2016 presidential election and all the false information accusations Facebook was dealing with, consecutives meet people their first priority. The company will still be one of the largest platforms now existing, but the advertisement here will be much more expensive in 2019.  Nevertheless, Facebook invested 1 billion dollars into Instagram, and that is a huge trend right now.  With 1 billion active users every month, Instagram has 10 times more branded content than Facebook. Plus, marketing and advertising will be a much easier task for video makers with the invention of Instagram stories and Instagram TV.

3. You’ll be able to order goods directly from a video

Progress has already made videos pretty interactive, with the ability to click and tap on such platforms as LinkedIn and Instagram. Can you imagine? With the creation of shoppable videos, you would be able to choose an item you want to pick just from watching the video without checking any links.  Besides, it's not a completely new thing.  Sites like Adweek already work on this plug-in.  Hopefully, we won't have to spend time searching the right thing and will be able to click and buy goods anywhere, from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter.

4. Sending videos via emails

Has anyone thought about the idea that you could stream videos via emails? Everyone has an email account, but especially if you are a highly busy persona, the amount of letters sent to your PO Box makes it almost impossible to go through hundreds of emails in one day. This, of course, works against marketers because the chance you will see their offer is highly limited. But with this new function, you will be able to see the video from the company, which inevitably leads to higher conversion and more clicks.  Plus, instead of going with the plain text, you will be able to express your creativity and show charisma as a marketing seller, which will boost your rank.  Also, your face will be your brand, and you will make it recognizable.

5. Think INSIDE the box

With the ultimate ease of shooting videos with smartphone devices, marketers will maintain communication with the customer by sending short video messages. These 1:1 videos will make it easier to deliver support, giving instant feedback and answer to applications in no time, as those videos will be quick to download.

6. 360-degree videos will come to business inquiries

360-degree videos show to be a highly interactive and pretty unique experience, but this aesthetic nature will soon be changed with business taking over a new trend. Since these videos, as well as games, are kind of experimental for now, marketers will try to convey a new way of advertising, merging down 360-degree videos and ads. This year will be especially successful for travel companies, as we’ve seen National Geographic having their first-attempt films in this industry, but it could also be useful for video advertisement and movie production.

7. Short ads will be long-lived

Although Vine died long ago (about two years ago, to be precise), the format of 6-second videos is still, surprisingly, a trend on YouTube. Just look at all Vine compilations! Besides, it is extremely handy to publish 6-second videos, as they are long enough to be informative, but too short to be boring. The 2017 idea of creating short Google and YouTube ads will be a huge hit in 2019.  According to the data, even a ten-second advertisement will bring 61% of the audience and grasp their attention. Because of the never-ending competition between creators and companies, shorter and smarter way of telling the main idea will be the absolute winner. Six seconds will make it just the right amount of information, compared to a full-blown advertisement that stops you from watching videos. Besides that, this new trend will open the potential for many marketers and companies who struggle with making long commercials.