Most of us often imagine that the shooting of music videos is exclusively for show business stars and companies that make music videos take a lot of money for their work. And yet, this is completely not so. If you are starting a new band, preparing to perform on stage or just want to make a thematic music video, call us, and our music videos production company will do everything to make your video really enjoyable to watch. We help young musicians take their first steps in making video clips. Of course, we are ready to meet the needs of sophisticated musicians too and shoot a video on the highest level. Everything depends solely on your goals and objectives.


Making a high-quality video is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The most important thing in music clip production is the plot (it depends on the plot whether people like your video or not). It will also help resolve issues regarding where the video will be shot, who will take part in it, etc.

You can get a high-quality video that will allow you to reach out to everyone only if each element of the video will complement the other, i.e. not only the plot but also the video sequence and the general concept of an embodiment should be excellent.

A music video can be presented as a set of beautiful frames or it can be a small film. Unlike a commercial, a video clip is rarely shot in the same scenery since changing locations provides the clip with the necessary dynamics and scale. Numerous props, actors and dancers are invited.


There are several main types of music videos, and each has its own costs and shooting methods.

  • Concert video

    This is one of the simplest types of videos. As a rule, it is accompanied by a mono or stereo sound from a microphone installed in a concert hall. It is filmed from two cameras to show artists from different angles and the reaction of listeners in the hall, with smooth transitions between scenes.

  • Video about studio or rehearsal

    This video clip is shot directly in the studio or at the rehearsal base. A script is not required in most cases. Musicians perform several times to show the performance from different angles. A continuous video sequence can be replaced by static pictures, for example, with a team label or still frames.

  • Production video clip

    This is a more expensive type of video clip. Here you cannot do without a script, and work begins with its writing. As a rule, a client brings a piece of music and tells about what should be in the video – key moments, scenes, and characters. After writing the script, the scriptwriter approves it with a client.

  • Animated music video

    There are various types of animated music videos: hand-drawn, plasticine, 2D and 3D music videos, combined (combining animation with real shooting). In addition to drawing or creating models, it takes a lot of time to render and edit a music video.


Professionally creating a music video clip for a song is one of the most effective and efficient means of advertising. The product prepared by our music video studio can be successfully used in various fields:

  • for successful rotation on TV;
  • in the process of distribution on the network;
  • as a video sequence on monitor screens when shooting concerts of several groups.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can shoot a music video as an imitation of a band’s real performance at a concert or shoot on a specially designed, built visual line with a plot, scenery, actors involved.