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To become successful in business, first of all, you need to show yourself as a professional. And how to do it? When going to a video studio, you should clearly understand the purpose of the video, determine the budget, and think about how long the video will last. The basis for the successful advertising video production, development, and shooting services is an individual approach, modern equipment of the studio, and good practical experience. Our video advertising company carries out comprehensive preparation at the preliminary stage as well as a high-quality and multi-stage study of the material. 


What Is Advertising Video Production? 


Advertising video production is an ideal way to attract attention, arouse interest and encourage the purchase of goods. The secret to the success of the videos is that the whole point is revealed in a few-second plot, giving not only an idea of ​​the product, but also making it indispensable, attractive to the viewer, and therefore, desired for the consumer. 

Creating ads is the most effective way to deliver information. Video advertising immediately affects several channels of perception, which sets it apart from other media. Beautiful pictures and charming characters give a visual representation of the product. The original musical accompaniment, the well-posed voice of the actors, and the announcer reading the text behind the scenes make the video really interesting and high-quality. Not infrequently, phrases from ads are firmly fixed in the memory of millions for a long time. 


Types of Video Advertising 


  • Simple. In simple video advertising, there is no presence of actors and computer graphics. 
  • Staged. In the staged video advertising, actors play in a written script. 
  • Advertising. A video exists to provide detailed information about a service or product. 
  • Cartoon. Cartoon video advertising looks like a real cartoon. 
  • Informational. A video is shot to more accurately convey product information. 
  • 3D animated. This is a video that uses 3D animation. Such videos are expensive, as they are difficult to manufacture. 
  • Motion graphics. Motion graphics, flash-animation, and 2d graphics can be used in any kind of video advertising. Computer graphics are present today in almost any video ad.


Here’s Why You Need Advertising Videos 


One of the most effective ways to convey information to the client is to create video content. Today, the video advert production industry occupies one of the leading positions in the advertising market. Videos cease to be inaccessible and expensive. Modern studios that are engaged in their creation offer an increasing selection of formats and price categories. 

Only video advertising can convey the most capaciously thought to the consumer. In a static, albeit a quite effective picture, you can put one thought, audio advertising makes you listen to every word, which is not very convenient, but the video can transmit the whole information. Text and photos require special attention, but thanks to the video, you can completely relax, sit back in an armchair, and enjoy the picture on the screen. 

The popularity of video content is easily explained by the need for business. Communication with customers and partners increasingly implies a video format, as it helps achieve a triple effect of perception, unlike any other media resources: texts, audio recordings, banners or pictures. With the help of the video, any information can be presented vividly, for example, using animation in a presentation video. The video advertising can solve several problems at once. 


Solutions We Deliver 


If you want to be ahead of your competitors, attract new visitors and customers, significantly increase brand and company recognition, you need to create a video of a creative script. The process is creative, requiring professional knowledge. Our video advertising agency offers the development of ideas and the complete creation of videos for any purpose and task. Here you can order a video of any format and length. 

The development of advertising involves the sequential implementation of the following stages of work: filling the brief with the customer and studying the technical specifications by the specialists of the production studio and providing the client with possible options for implementing the advertising project. After that, we approve the script, shoot the video, do editing, and add captions, if necessary. 


How Do We Work? 


We provide our customers with a full range of product advertising video production services and do the creative process as comfortable as possible: 

  • Free to write a video concept 

After a careful study of the brief, we will write a concept for the future video and pick up visual references. This doesn’t oblige you to anything. 

  • Ready to start work within 24 hours 

We have our own technical base for the production of a full cycle. RED movie cameras, DJI stabilization systems, an advertising video maker, and ARRI lighting equipment are ready to shoot 24 hours a day. 

  • Control at all stages of video creation 

Our ad production company understands how important the details are, therefore, we agree on everything from the storyboard to the final editing. We are able to complete any tasks. 


Benefits You Get With Us 


  • Our video production services are licensed. We prepare a package of documents and agree on the right to shoot in specific territories. 
  • When working, we use only copyrighted music or with an acquired right to use. This means that you can avoid hundreds of problems for unauthorized use of audio material. 
  • Create catchy images. We work with sociologists, psychologists, marketers who create a unique and memorable image for advertising. 
  • Own base of actors and speakers. We involve only professionals in the work because thanks to the hard work of each participant in the process, truly advertising masterpieces are created. 


Advertising Video Production Cost 


The cost of shooting an advertising video is a frequent question, which our video production studio is asked at least 4-5 times a week. This is understandable because everyone who has business wants to invest money wisely. When you ask to name the cost of the video, we, first of all, try to find out the maximum number of details for understanding the future configuration, which consists of many points of a long and detailed price list. The main secret of determining the exact price of a video is a common understanding of the final product between the customer and us. Another extremely effective way to determine the cost is to outline the budget. Many don’t do this, fearing that the studios will make non-objective offers, wanting to take away all your money. But don’t be afraid! Just contact us, and we will determine the cost together.