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Like it or not, commercials have great power in terms of affecting the choices people make. Just think about it, if advertising didn’t work, companies would not have spent over $500 billion on it in 2019. The fact that U.S. companies alone invest around $70 billion in producing commercials speaks louder than words. Picture this. You are watching TV or a YouTube channel thinking that you are completely immune to commercials and their influence. The next thing you know, you are on your way to the nearest shop to buy new soap you never knew you needed. Has something like that ever happened to you? We bet it has. It happens to all of us. That’s why it is important for any company to create an effective TV commercial.


The truth is, commercials, whether they are aired on TV, shown on YouTube or posted on social networking sites, have a great impact on people's behavior as consumers. However, in order to get the right message sent, a commercial has to be thought-through to details. It is also worth mentioning that there are chances that your commercial will not produce returns right away. But in the long run, it will definitely be beneficial.

Below you will find a few good reasons showing why you need to make a commercial video as soon as it is possible. So, what exactly do commercials do to make your business grow?

  • Engender loyalty to your brand.
  • Bring more traffic and sales.
  • Establish a positive image of a company.
  • Power up your business, so it becomes more competitive.
  • Don't allow customers to forget about your brand.
  • Keep consumers aware of the newest products and events that are ready to be launched.
  • Earn you more money.

In short, TV commercials make it easier for you to attract more attention to whatever product or service you offer.


First things first, you have to be ready to accept the fact that it takes some time, a great deal of money and creativity to create a commercial that is customer-oriented, interesting and attention-grabbing. Moreover, commercial video production is a complicated process that requires a particular set of skills, experienced and creative specialists, innovative equipment and much more. All of the aforementioned you can get if you make an order to create a tv commercial in Cinema-Friends commercial video production company.

Our services include:

  • A complete analysis of the company we are shooting a commercial for as well as its target audience and marketing environment. After the calculations are made, we start creating a commercial video project.
  • Establishing a budget.
  • Pre-production part consists of generating the ideas, picking the one that will ultimately make people get interested in your product or service, working on the general concept of the video and its storyboard, brainstorming different catchy phrases and jingles, scripting the idea out, casting, looking for and preparing the location where the video will be shot.
  • Shooting of the commercial according to the plan made in the pre-production.
  • Post-production: bringing all the elements of the commercial together, video and sound editing as well as color correction and adding various special effects.

Any commercial is limited in time so you have to get across your message quickly. Commercial video production company Cinema Friends know how to keep the message short and clear and make the commercial go viral!


Now that we have dealt with the production nuances, let’s take a look at how big the average price to make a commercial is these days. Of course, commercial video production services it’s not low-cost, but at the same time, it won’t stretch you too much financially. How much does a commercial cost to make in commercial video production agency? Unfortunately, we can't say the precise numbers since the average cost of a commercial is calculated regarding the amount of work that has to be done. 

Overall, the price depends on:

  • The number of film sets.
  • Hiring actors.
  • The type of equipment used in filming.
  • The idea and script complexity.
  • The type of video, computer graphics, animation, special effects.
  • The amount of time consumed on filming and post-production, etc.

This is just an approximate list of things to consider when figuring out what cost to make a commercial is needed.

We all know that commercials can be a big turn-off. Of course, you don’t want your ad to be such. Neither do we. Cinema Friends crew provides commercial video production services and help to create the best commercials to help your business benefit the most.