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We see promotional commercials every day: when we watch a gorgeous video where a celebrity advertises toilet water, we visit the site of the nearest clinic and turn on a presentation video about it or find a video instruction for a brand-new phone. In the modern world, more and more information is transmitted through video content. 


What Is Commercial Video Production? 


Making commercials is a very difficult, complicated process. It’s not enough just to shoot a video and edit it. Production of commercials takes a lot of time and effort, requires professionalism, a creative approach, developed imagination, and an understanding of the specifics of the market of a particular advertised product. 

As you know, video can affect several channels of human perception at once – visual and auditory. TV commercial production can especially seriously affect the decision of potential buyers to purchase one or another product because they contain a direct call to action, motivation. 


Commercial Video Types 


A commercial video is a tool for influencing the consumer with the help of psychological techniques that have proven their effectiveness over the long years of the existence of the advertising industry. The action of the video continuously keeps the attention of a TV or Internet viewer. By the method of production, commercial video content also varies: 

  • Advertising 

The main task of commercials is to increase sales of products or services. In such short videos, attention is focused on the benefits that consumers will receive if they buy the advertised product. Commercials are created for arousing the interest of viewers and cause their emotions. After watching commercial advertising, a person should have a desire to “spend money, buy, and use.” 

  • Image 

The main task of this type of commercial is a presentation of the brand or a demonstration of the company for a wide mass of consumers. These videos promote the brand, form a positive attitude and trust. The audience, when choosing products from a wide range, will definitely choose a product of a familiar brand. 

  • Motivating 

Motivating short videos are also aimed at popularizing the brand, the direction of activity, the product. But unlike the two previous commercials, it directly calls for action. 

  • Social 

The social commercial doesn’t sell goods or services. It aims to draw attention to social problems. It can be non-profit organizations, charitable foundations, and so on. 

  • Viral 

This type of video provides a non-trivial plot and eye-catching special effects. A viral video aims to attract the viewer precisely with its unusualness. 


How Commercial Videos Affect Viewers? 


Commercial videos are the most effective tools for influencing people. A person receives about 70% of the information about advertised goods from videos. This is not surprising since it affects the organs through which a person perceives information best. 

Commercial business is the war for your consciousness. It is no secret that global companies are fighting for the right to own you and your money, as well as your tastes. And they do it with the help of well-known videos. 

It is the art of control and the art of deception. It makes people believe that the advertised thing is not just needed for them but vital. This is done not directly but in a veiled way. 


Solutions We Deliver 


We guarantee the following. 

  • High result. The concept of the future video is always pre-negotiated with the customer, during which changes and adjustments are made. Only then we are ready to start working to get a holistic and high-quality product. 
  • Great opportunities. Our commercial video production company has all the necessary professional equipment to create the first-class video. 
  • Professionalism. Our operators, designers, and visualizers work honestly, conscientiously and with dedication, have a great experience and many successfully completed projects. You can rely on us! 
  • Individual approach. We prepare each project, clearly thinking through every detail so that both the customer and the audience are satisfied with the result. 


How Do We Work? 


Before we start providing our video commercial production services, we analyze whether a video meets your marketing goals. If you have certain tasks, but there are difficulties with writing the script and understanding what the video will look like in the final version, we can take care of preparing this creative component, and not just one. 

Thanks to the experience of working with clients in various fields of activity, our specialists in shooting and editing advertising will perform high-quality TV advert production of commercials for any purposes at the highest level. We undertake the entire cycle of work, which involves the production of promotional videos quickly and efficiently. 


Benefits You Get With Us 


We have extensive experience creating commercial videos. We have produced a lot of videos with actors, recorded interviews, videos about products and services. 

  • The quality of your commercial video. We have the best commercial video services. We are always at the forefront of technology – shooting in RAW with post-processing of the image, realistic special effects, shooting with a camera crane, and much more. 
  • Turn-key commercial video production. We will help you with the development of ideas, develop a scenario for your commercial video, perform casting, select locations, shoot post-process, and edit the video. 
  • Well-developed script. We offer several ideas with varying degrees of elaboration for each video. Our scriptwriters are real professionals. 
  • Unique soundtrack. Producing a TV commercial (or any other one), we can offer writing individual musical accompaniment at a high professional level. 
  • Fast and on time. Our customers and partners turn to us when there is very little time left since we are ready to respond quickly. 
  • Creativity. We are pleased to bring personality to your commercial video, make it interesting and exciting for the viewer. 
  • Director’s vision. When creating a commercial production, a director is needed. This person will bring everything together and implement an idea. 
  • Price. Our video production studio has own production base and is able to produce commercial video cheaper than competitors renting equipment or outsourcing work to third parties. Screenwriters, director, cameramen, lighting artists, sound engineer, assistants – we are all one team. 


Commercial Video Production Cost 


To determine the value of your future commercial, just consult with us. The commercial video production cost is usually not tied to standard coefficients since it is different for different industries. Also, everything depends on the idea and scenario of the video. Send us the structure of what you want to see, and we will say how much your commercial will cost.