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Music video production is the most important task for a group or solo artist at any stage of their creative pathways. Sometimes, the song itself acquires greater artistic significance and recognition only through a distinctive music video. Finally, such videos allow artists to find their own unique visual style, stand out among other artists, and create hype in the media space.

The times when an average music video was shown as a simple performance passed many years ago. For more than 60 years since there had been an outburst in the music industry, the approach to their production turned upside down. Music video production cost today reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars and even more. Directors and the artists themselves are not shy about the luxury, hundreds of crowd scene actors, breathtaking vibrant landscapes, and special effects.

We will help you make music videos of any level of complexity and for any genre. We are Cinema-friends and we provide music video production services. Our process of shooting includes all the stages of video production. So, what does the making of a music video consist of?


The phases of shooting a music video


Creating a clip for a musical artist or group is no easy task. Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, but unlike an advertisement, a promotional video, or a training video, the musical one contents higher concentration of creativity and a variety of techniques. This is a small but completed story, a full-fledged short film.

Despite this, shooting music videos consists of steps similar to the process of creating any other video, and each of them has its own specifics.

The start. Discussing an idea of your video

At the very first stage, our team meets artists and discusses the concept of a music clip. With a direct acquaintance with the performers and their creative works, our directors and scriptwriters will discuss all possible ideas and stories that can be implemented. The music video production studio Cinema-Friends team will discuss not only the plot, but also the timing, possible locations, the need for casting and, of course, the budget. The latter is approved after the decision on the account of all the important points.

It is necessary to immediately answer the question “how much does a music video cost?”: average production cost of a music video will always depend on the number of actors, the length of post-production, the work of make-up artists, the locations’ rent, and the number of other expenses required to shoot a music clip. For example, let’s consider situations with two different clips to figure out how music video cost is settled. The first one was shot in the pavilion with crowd scene actors, and the second one took place outdoors with only a couple of actors. Music clip production prices for each of them is radically different.

After the approval of the idea and budget with the film crew, we draw up a schedule of filming and proceed to the preparatory work: rent a pavilion, hire actors, make-up artists, and other personnel. Even cheap music video production services requires these actions.


The main stage is production. It includes shooting on a location and working with the performer and actors.


At the final stage, our specialists produce audio and video editing, mastering, color correction, and add visual effects. This phase of video production can take several weeks. After all the beauty is done, your music video is ready to conquer the world!




The music video production company determine the price at the script development stage, and the music video cost is formed according to::

  • The complexity of the video’s idea;
  • The number of shooting locations and the cost of renting studio pavilions;
  • The cost of hiring extras and actors;

Amount of time the crew spends on filming and music video post-production.If you’re an artist, and you’re eager to share your music through quality videos, contact our music video production company and order a music video at Cinema Friends. We’ll help you shoot a professional clip for a price that will fit your budget, and the visuals will conquer millions of listeners!