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What is the best way to promote your company without getting the advantage of television, but at the same time attracting a wide target audience with a fascinating video? Order the promotional video services and Create wonderful individuals a promo video!

What is a promo video? This is a kind of advertising video that tells about an event or gives more information about the company and its services. Unlike classic ads, promo videos are often published on the Internet or can be used at events. The main goal of a promo video is to inform, create a positive image of the company, arouse the interest of the viewer.




  • The promo video on average lasts longer than a regular television ad. With a timing of more than 30 seconds, the advertiser can convey information to the target audience more clearly and fascinatingly.
  • It can be posted or broadcasted anywhere: on a corporate party in your company, on advertising monitors on the street, on the Internet, on the company's website during special events.
  • You are not limited by any formats: it can be infographics or a staged film with real actors
  • Greater creative freedom. Since the promo video does not have strict limitations regarding the format and timings, it can become viral on the web and gain popularity on social media.


What are the promotional videos and what information you can bring to the audience?


  • A company video is an important promotional tool for both the B2C and B2B markets. It contributes to the creation of the image of an open, reliable, and honest partner.
  • A video, dedicated to a significant event or a holiday. Authoritative companies do not miss a single newsbreak or an important holiday in order to promote themselves. Order to make a promo video for the New Year or Mother's Day and everybody will remember it.
  • A video report on the event. Has your company successfully completed a huge campaign, became a sponsor of a charity event or a pop-culture festival? Do not forget to share your successes with the world in the promotional video.

What should you pay attention to before as order the promotional video services? The most important thing is to trust the professionals from the promotional video production company. The young promotional video production studio Cinema-Friends it`s professional promo video maker, who can already surprise you with a plethora of experience in filming outstanding videos. We embody the most daring video ideas into reality and are not afraid of any creative challenges!




The price for work at promotional video production company is determined at the script development stage. For this, you need to identify some key points, namely:

  • The goal of making a promo video;
  • Who your target audience is;
  • How and where your video will be distributed: media resources or social networks.

The promo video pricing is formed according to:

  • The complexity of your promo video’s idea;
  • The number of shooting locations and the cost of renting studio pavilions;
  • The promo video cost include a work done by professional actors and extras;
  • The amount of time spent the crew on filming your promo clip.