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Imagine the situation: the creative department of your company recorded a delightful training video for your consumers. Everything is great in it: the color of the picture, the animation, the script. But there is one significant flaw - there was no one to record a voiceover, the video seems incomplete without voice prompts. Another example: for an event that is arranged by your organization, a video of the relevant topic is provided, but it is entirely voiced in a foreign language.

In both cases, it is obvious that you need to voice over videos. In such situations, you should always contact the professionals from Cinema-friends voice over the studio that provides top-class voiceover production.

How the voice over for videos made

Professional voice over production from a production studio is a painstaking and creative process. It can take a week or several months, depending on the complexity and volume of the text. However, each time you order to voice a video you should remember that the process takes several steps.

  • It all starts with an introduction to your material. In order to get started, we need to get a clear list of tasks, watch the finished video, and check out the text, which should be voiced. At this stage, the requirements for voice actors (we can provide a portfolio), music, and other sound are discussed. After we consider all the technical nuances, our team announces the dates when the video is ready and, of course, the budget.
  • Preparation for work. Now it's up to us. We hire actors, acquire all the required musical tracks, translate the text into the languages you need. Then we make a timeline for an audio track so that when we add voiceover to video it fits into the final product.
  • Record voiceover for videos. At this stage, the recording director and a voiceover actor are “locked up” in the studio and we start working on the voice acting in accordance with the terms of reference and timelines. We do several takes at once so that the customer can choose the most suitable option. After the approval of variants, we proceed to the next stage.
  • Music design. Of course, the video can work without music, but this is not always the case. In most situations, music plays an important part in the perception of the video, especially when we talk about a commercial. It is extremely important to match the mood and display the image of a product, service or company with just a sound. We carefully select the music at the preparatory stage to create a memorable video for you.
  • Subtitles overlay. Sometimes you cannot do without subtitles. For example, your field of activity is teaching foreign languages or you want to pay attention to people with hearing disorders who may watch the video. Depending on the terms of reference, Cinema-friends studio will professionally complete your video with a high-quality supplement like visible text.
  • Final editing. We make sure that everything is perfect, so once again before delivering the finished video to you, we make the final editing and improvements of the soundtrack.

Voice over costs

Here is an important question: how much does a voice-over cost? There is no universal answer. A professional voice over production cost for different customers will always depend on several factors:

  • The volume of the voiced text.
  • Actors’ professional level.
  • The need to translate the text from/into a foreign language.
  • The cost of a license to use musical tracks.
  • The need for subtitles.

Everyone cares about voice-over costs. We always discuss this question at the meeting and provide you with the best option. Want to order a voice acting for a video in Cinema-friends? Fill out the application form in our voice-over production company and briefly describe your requirements!