We provide various video production services for the creation of video content.

For this we have everything you need – from a variety of locations to the most modern technology.



Despite the youth of our production, we are already busy with many projects and their support.


Will we reveal you a secret saying a human perceives 80% of information with sight? Of course not. It is not surprising that videos are the most effective and memorable form of content nowadays.

The popularity of video production services is becoming bigger each day. Whether it’s a trendy artist or a band, a company or a non-profit organization, sooner or later everyone will need an experienced video production company and its services.

So, what is the video production? This is the process of making a video from the very moment of coming up with the idea of bringing last seconds of the audio track in a clip to perfection. Ordering video production costs depends only on the desires and complexity of the project. Video production services is generally divided into 3 stages:

  • Preproduction, a preparatory stage. Any work begins with an idea and shooting video is no exception. At the very first stage, the needs of the customer are studied, the concept of a clip is created, on the basis of which a video production company prepare a storyboard and write a script. Then, it carries out castings, looks for appropriate locations for filming, prepare the necessary equipment. A filming plan is also created at this stage.
  • Shooting. Nothing new: the team of a director, make-up artists, actors, cameramen, lighting agents and other experts in their field get together on the set and begin to create magic.
  • Postproduction, or the final stage. The real magic of video production is created at this phase. The captured shots acquire dynamics after video editing, the sound is superimposed, characters are voiced, color correction is performed, and visual effects are added if needed.


  • Promotional and commercial video production. This is the most effective promotional tool for any company and its products/services. Such clips increase brand awareness, boost the website’s traffic, increase the number of sales and orders, form a reputation and positive association with a company.
  • Educational videos. Many companies resort to the services of professional production studios for shooting guides, recipes, instructions. Such content gains millions of views online. Do not miss the opportunity to attract new users of your products through educational videos. Also, do not forget that inside your company you may need a useful training video for employees.
  • Music videos. Shooting music videos in their complexity today is not inferior to feature films. A viral clip can make a lot of buzz and bring worldwide fame to a performer. And although sometimes you can make it with minimal investment, it will be much easier to achieve the desired result with the help of a professional team.

Production studio Cinema-Friends takes up the shooting of any video. If you order full-cycle video production from us, with our experience, you will bring a part of Hollywood quality to your business!