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Arranging a video shooting and filming dozens of scenes with live actors is only a tiny part of the work on creating a video. Post-production is the most important stage in the producing of clips, ads, films, and any other type of video content. Video post-production company Cinema-Friends has all the necessary technologies for processing both professional and amateur videos.

Post-production is the final stage of the video making, during which the professionals process audio and video. At this phase, raw and seemingly empty shots of the future video product become brighter, more dynamic and attractive. With the help of which techniques does this come about?


What is post-production and what does it include?


  • Video editing. Pasting frames together in the needed sequence does not just connect them with each other to provide coherent narration. It is able to add connotative meaning and tension to the video, make the viewer think out what is happening on the screen. Also, the editing process includes cutting out unnecessary shots.
  • Voice and sound editing. This process includes putting a soundtrack over the footage, the voice acting done by professional actors (if required), the addition of audio effects and music tracks.
  • Color correction. For a better perception of the picture, in order to give the video an appropriate mood and artistic style, professionals use a wide range of tools for processing the material.
  • Keying. If a chromakey (“green screen”) was used when shooting a video, it will be replaced with an active background at the post-production stage.
  • Adding visual effects and animation. To make the video more spectacular, according to the requirements approved with the customer, we add the necessary special effects or animated elements (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional).
  • Subtitling. Adding subtitles to video is not only important for translating foreign audio tracks, but also for the accessibility of your videos to people with hearing loss.

How long does post-production video editing take making? It depends on video timing and the complicity of the effects you require. In general, it takes from one week and more.


How to order and post-production costs?


By ordering post-production services from Cinema-Friends, you will save yourself from spending months learning the techniques and rules of montage, buying expensive software whilst trying to get the Hollywood effect. After the approval of the concept and script of your video, we will certainly discuss all possible effects and techniques of post-production editing so that you and your viewers are satisfied with the result.

What about costs? For post-production services, the price is set individually for each client in the process of approving the concept and script of your video. We’ll certainly discuss all the post-production effects and techniques so that you and your viewers are satisfied with the result.