Social media platforms open almost unlimited opportunities to reach hearts and minds. Businesses are actively picking up on them, and the results they get are fantastic. But with so much advertising content filling social platforms, it becomes challenging to find the right way to connect with your audience. The most effective tool for communicating with your potential customers is video. Social marketing videos are mobile-friendly, easy to consume, and allow for much better engagement.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a video production expert to make a social media video. With a smartphone and a good-looking spot, you can make a short clip right now. And it will even get a couple of views. But if you want to make an excellent video that would benefit you and your business, you need to learn a thing or two about setting it up and getting all the technical details right.


So, how are these videos different from regular ones, and what makes them so popular? Social media videos are short clips made specifically to boost engagement and draw viewers’ attention on social networks. The main difference between this type of content and regular vids is that it’s usually discovered, meaning that users don’t search for it on purpose. For instance, people google various tutorials on purpose, but on Facebook, they find a video when browsing their feed. But it doesn’t make it less engaging. Here’s why social video is a valuable marketing tool.

It’s entertaining

Video is the best way to get your audience’s attention because the info from it is much easier to consume than from text. We always have a minute or two for some Top-10 video, but not everyone wants to spend the same amount of time reading a post.

It may become viral

But only if the content you deliver is relevant. With videos for social media, you can take advantage of any type of content that might go viral. The trick is to incorporate your brand, company, or product into this content. The hotter the topic, the bigger the feedback.

It encourages subscribers to activity

The main goal of a video is to trigger user action. It can drive traffic to your website, make people want to purchase your product or share your content. Watching your video, people demonstrate interest in the message it sends, and all you need to do is direct them towards a certain action.

It is able to cover a huge audience

The majority of Twitter users watch videos, and half a billion people consume video content on Facebook daily. And the number of web users who post and watch videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is increasing. Social media video marketing is at its peak: almost 90% of online marketers use video content.

It may contain useful information

There are many ways to produce popular content. One of the best is to make videos not only interesting but also useful. You can tell your audience something that would come in handy or even make them rethink some views.


Naturally, a key to a successful marketing campaign is a detailed strategy, but there are other components, as well. That’s why it’s always a nice idea to take a closer look at your videos and see what you can do better. What do you need to make a great video? We’ll share a couple of social media tips with you.

Set clear goals

A good social video starts with a thoughtful plan. If you want to encourage, motivate, and make people remember you, start with setting the right goals.

Speak your audience’s language

Social videos are all about your audience. And once your viewers engage with your content, users from other networks might become interested in it too. For this, you should craft the content in a way that taps into the audience’s interests. As a marketing video maker, you need to make sure to keep their habits and desires in mind.

It should be eye-catching from the very first seconds

The first 30 seconds of a video play a decisive role in user engagement. If you can make a viewer interested during this time, you can be sure they’ll stick around for more. So make every video catchy and engaging.

Entertain, explain, tell stories

As for storytelling, it should invoke emotions and touch people’s hearts. A story is crucial because it awakens emotions in viewers, and that’s what you need to do. If you want your videos to benefit your business, learn how to entertain your audience. Skillful storytelling will take you to a new level.

Make your video brief and informative

An hour-long documentary or interview may get a million views on YouTube, but when you’re dealing with Facebook or Twitter, shorter is better. Best social media videos rarely last longer than a few minutes. Besides, some networks have limitations that don’t let you post clips longer than 30-60 seconds.

Add subtitles

Subtitles can make a huge difference in social media video production, and not only for those who don’t speak the language. Sure, it’s great when you think of your foreign audience, but your native viewers may benefit from subtitles, too. Their main plus is that they make videos easier to consume. You’ll also get appreciation from impaired users.

Always adapt your video for the platform you choose

Most videos for social networks are shot in landscape mode (horizontally). It’s a standard for TV screens and movie theaters. When watched on TV or PC, videos filmed in portrait mode (vertically) have two annoying black bars on the side. But they look OK when you watch them on Instagram or Snapchat via mobile devices. Keep this in mind.

A good social media video maker should remember that each website has a unique audience, so you need to optimize your content for different platforms. You can’t just post a Facebook video on Instagram without editing it. Snapchat and Twitter need a different approach, too.

Invest in quality

Once you grab the audience’s attention, keep it by delivering high-quality content. And it’s not just about video quality; the message is important, as well. Consider using video marketing software for better results.

Don’t forget about call-to-action

Last but not least, add an inspiring call-to-action. After the viewer watches a video, they need to be directed, and you should provide them with guidance. The main thing is to make sure it’s not too sales-focused.


There are dozens of creative video ideas, but not all of them perform equally well on certain websites. Besides, tastes differ, so what works for one audience may not work for everyone, so when choosing the idea that would fit your video marketing strategy, feel free to mix up different concepts to achieve better results. Here are five best ideas for a social video.

1. Interviews

It’s a perfect option if you have a pile of questions from your audience that wait for answers. Set up a quick Q&A video or interview with a team member. You can gather questions from the audience or prepare them in advance. Such format also works with live streams.

2. Contest videos and giveaways

A video for social media should be highly engaging, and the best way to attract people is to set up a contest with valuable gifts. Who doesn’t like freebies? After the contest, film a video and announce winners or pick them live through a streaming platform.

3. Latest trends and news

Today, millions of users get news from social media, so making videos about trending topics is a nice way to make yourself noticeable. It can be news regarding our brand or a reaction to a certain event. Keep in mind that breaking news videos perform better on Twitter.

4. How-to videos

Tutorials will probably never lose their popularity. It’s a universal type of content that works both for social media and video sharing websites. This format may bring you millions of views and likes if you keep your videos informative but short.

5. Announcements

Want to make a big announcement about recent expansion or tell about a new brand in a video? Social media is the best place to do it, and a catchy video is a great way to start building excitement around your business.

When making content for Facebook or Instagram, there’s only one thing you should think about – why people need to share your videos. Follow the latest trends, listen to your audience, and make your clips short but informative, but always keep your interests in mind. Once you master basic filmmaking skills, you’ll be able to create social media videos of any format you like.