In our modern world where we exchange messages with people around us every second, it is very difficult to capture the attention of interlocutors at times, and we don’t always have time to tell them everything that we want. Therefore, for effective communication that takes place in a fairly short time, you must create a video with a unique and interesting story or idea. 

Thinking of creating a video to promote a business or brand, you need great ideas to come up with your own short and unique story. And here we have innovative promotional ideas for you.


What does promo mean? This is a type of videos intended to promote your product, service, or the brand itself. Unlike a regular ad, its main goal is to introduce you to the viewer and not make them want to buy something from you. Such videos have an unusual plot, telling about a new product, original services, or the uniqueness of the company.

Promotions are not limited to the subject and allow any content. However, it is recommended not to make a promotional video longer than 2-3 minutes. This time is enough to win the attention of viewers without tiring them. In a few minutes, you can tell a lot about the product being promoted, showing the advantages and benefits of its purchase for a buyer.

The number one reason why the buyer comes to you again is your personality, dissimilarity, and uniqueness. The buyer has to meet you face to face. The video helps the viewer learn more about you and imbue confidence in you and your products, creating “virtual” communication. In a word, such videos bring many advantages, not to mention the fact that they increase sales, promote the popularity of your brand, describe your products, and so on.


We watch promo videos every day when we visit the website of the nearest clinic, when a celebrity advertises perfume, or when we find video instructions for a new phone. In today’s world, more and more information is transmitted through video content. But how to make a promo video so that it’s remembered by viewers?

1.     Engage quizzes

The trick with which people can like your brand is simply to make them talk about themselves. This is exactly what Buzzfeed does! It may seem strange, but a lot of people want to know what Skittles or M&M’s characters they are, how they would die if they were Game of Thrones heroes, and what animals they were in past lives. So, what is a promo video? Visit the site, and you will immediately understand everything, including how promo videos work and influence people.

2.     Use social networks

We all saw (or even participated in) Instagram challenges, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge, or the Running Man Challenge. So use this idea! The number one rule is to interact with the audience, and one of the best ways to promote your brand is to make others do different crazy things together.

3.   Try a Problem-Solution method

This is one of the main scripts for good promotional videos. The logic of the title is clear: in the first part of the video, some problem is indicated; the second part of the video describes how it can be solved using the service. A character is very often introduced into the plot of a problem-solution video to make it easier for viewers to apply a problem to themselves.

4.   Add animation

The main plus of the animation is the creation of advertising characters. Talking cars, hugging spiders, laughing homes – animation allows you to realize any videos promo fantasy, creating an exciting world. For example, the De Lijn transport company invites people to a fairy tale where cute little animals live. The key idea of the company is simple – it is always better to do everything together, including traveling.

5.     Use humor

You should use jokes in the storyline so that viewers remember your product even better, and, moreover, this is a good way to create an association with your brand. The more interesting and brighter the picture, the longer your joke will be remembered. And after that, viewers will develop a bright picture of your brand.

6.   Use social promo videos

These are non-profit promo marketing videos. Their task is to attract public attention to global issues. Charitable organizations, certain business structures, and the state can be non-commercial advertising customers. The target audience for such advertising is a wide range of people. This video shows that there are no ideal people, so humanity needs to be more lenient towards each other. This is a wonderful story that will affect any, even the most skeptical consumer.

7.   Use reviews

For example, it can be a review of your service. The purpose of such sale promo ideas is to show the potential user why you are better than others. It is important here not to focus on specific things or customization but to show how the product solves the client’s task in general terms. This is a good format for online services but not goods. A product review, as a rule, refers to direct advertising and is no longer of such benefit.

8.   Backstage videos

Backstage videos can be part of your marketing strategy. This format is great for presenting people with a look at the culture of your workplace and events taking place inside your enterprise, hidden from the eyes of customers. People like to look at the production or preparation process, especially if you are preparing an event with a WOW-factor, like a flash mob or some interesting event. Then a behind-the-scenes video about the preparation of such a day will be especially useful.

9.     Hype on hype

Do you need creative marketing ideas? Then use this one! This method is good if a video is seasonal and not intended to advertise a product for centuries. An advertising campaign should catch the attention of the viewer from the very beginning. For example, you can use the latest news – political or social, depending on your product. It’s important to remember that the topic should be discussed and high-profile.

10.  FAQ

To better familiarize viewers with your industry or offer, answer frequently asked questions. Sessions can be divided into several videos so as not to overload users with information. Sometimes it’s worth answering not only those questions that are often asked but also those that should be asked. Perhaps the viewers are not even aware of the unique possibilities of your product.

11.  Share life hacks

As you know, the only thing people like to give for free is advice. And with the advent of the Internet, we have become even more active in sharing our experiences with each other. Do you know how to avoid common mistakes and problems? Share your recommendations and back them up with practical examples. This is one of the best promo video ideas.

12.  Give instructions or guides

Another great and simple idea is to capture the video from your screen and create an instruction or guide with practical tips for the viewers. The video can be very short or quite detailed. Sometimes, when using your product, customers require additional help, and video is a great way to quickly solve their problems. The popularity of the instructions is due to the ability to tell the maximum of information in a short period.

13.  Provide users with a testimonial

This is a recommendation on behalf of the consumer, certificate of quality and use of the product/service. A testimonial is most often wedged into an interview so that the recommendation looks natural. It is also important to indicate the name, surname, and position of the person who advises something. In general, as practice shows, this is one of the most effective promo videos.

14.  Adhere to the rule of first seconds

Make sure the user remembers the name, logo, and essence of your company from the first seconds. Even if the viewer turns off the video without having watched it to the end, useful information about your services or products must be “recorded” in their mind. However, using this method, you still need to stand out from the other videos so that viewers don’t have the feeling that they have already seen it somewhere. Otherwise, they’ll just stop watching it. Therefore, there are increased requirements for design and script.

15.  Tell stories about company life

This company promotional video is suitable for those who have something to boast about and what to show. Such videos will help achieve customer loyalty. You can interview employees if only it doesn’t look false. Don’t forget that the video will be watched not only by potential customers but also by existing ones, as well as competitors. So tell the truth.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for promo video ads. How to choose the format you need? Try to start with the method of exclusion and, first of all, exclude those formats that are definitely not suitable for you.  Find your style, talk about what you are good at, and be sincere. Today, each of these methods works much more efficiently than a professional picture and fashionable editing.