Regardless of your skills and level of knowledge, finding the best and the most convenient software for creating animations isn’t a problem. The Internet offers many different options for every taste, both paid and free. Some of them are more suitable for small projects, while others provide tools for making cartoons. Let’s find the best video animation maker for you.


The first place on our list goes to the Toon Boom Harmony animation maker. It combines various other animation tools made by Toon Boom into one universal app. Toon Boom Harmony is used in the animation of numerous famous animated series, including The Simpsons. No matter what you create – animated clips for YouTube, short films, or even video games – Toon Boom Harmony fits for any task.


Moho Pro animation software (previously known as Anime Studio Pro) is an advanced toolkit. Moho is used by professional video production studios to create animations for modern blockbusters. Powerful vector animation tools, a skeleton creation system, improved support for 3D objects, and many other elements simplify the workflow and make even a boring project fun.


If you’re looking for a simple animated video maker – Wideo is what you need. It’s an online tool that makes it easy to create animated videos for product demonstrations, presentations, and so on. The main plus of Wideo is its simplicity. With Wideo, everyone can make a colorful clip. Using the program, you can immediately upload your video to YouTube, and the templates will allow you to create new videos and edit old ones in a few clicks.


Don’t want to install new software? Check out Hippani Animator – online animation maker. With it, you can create HTML animations, videos, and games, as well as mobile applications for web browsers, phones, and tablets. The program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Android. Hippani Animator doesn’t require any plug-ins, scripts, or additional files, which makes it the best online video animation maker.


This one is arguably the best animation video maker for PC. Text and photo editors, programs for frame-by-frame animation – Adobe are known worldwide for their software solutions, many of which have become real industry standards in various fields. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the company’s leading products. Together with Final Cut Pro, Premiere holds a leading position in the video editing market. Using Premiere tools, you quickly and easily edit a finished animation.

That’s all you need to become an animation guru. Choose the best online video animation maker, follow simple tips, and you’ll learn how to make videos that will double your profit and audience. If you’re creating ads video, make sure that your idea is able to fully reveal all the qualities of the product and catch the viewer’s eye. And remember, the more accurate the script, the better the result.