Today, there are millions of videos on YouTube and other Internet resources. Thanks to them, people learn useful things, admire beautiful places, or just watch regular and funny clips. Inspired by this, people want to make their own videos. If you are one of them, this article is for you. So, how to make professional video?


Some people think that if they buy a camera, they will automatically start making movies like pros. But they usually end up disappointed. To understand how to shoot a video and make it look better, you need to learn the tricks known to the professionals and understand the technical nuances.

Write a script

How to make a video? First of all, every video starts with an idea. Even if you don’t know how to shoot a video, you have to represent the very idea as clearly as possible. Any video, even if it doesn’t involve the participation of living characters, is, above all, an interesting story. It is necessary not only to understand what you want to tell but also to whom you tell it. And even the best idea should be written in a script. In the case of a small project, it is not necessary to write down all the scenes and dialogs with timing. Sometimes it’s enough to just keep in mind a complete shooting plan. But if we are talking about more serious projects aimed at a mass audience, then you can’t do without it.

Find a video technique or use a phone

Even the best technology will not teach you how to shoot video, but with a quality tool, training will be much faster and more enjoyable. If you want to achieve a cinematic effect and increase the professionalism of your video material, then buy a digital video camera. Don’t save on lenses, as they open up a huge field for experimentation. The minimum set for high-quality shooting also includes a good tripod and a high-quality microphone. Also, if your smartphone can shoot video in HD or 4K, feel free to use it, too. This is what can make videos look professional.

Choose an appropriate location

Of course, when making videos, not every filming budget allows you to build separate scenery for each scene or rent a suitable pavilion, but this is not the main thing, and you can do without them perfectly. Select the right location, and it will allow you to realize any of your ideas. It should carry only useful information. If you are shooting indoors, and you have time to prepare, remove all unnecessary things, move or rearrange objects that interfere with the perception of the main idea.

You need a beautiful background

Making good videos, you need to choose the right background. If a person is in the center of attention, then in the background, it is better to have nature or a blurred city landscape. Clear objects, outsiders in focus or dynamic movement in the background will distract the viewer. For example, a cat in the background can easily outshine the main character, and a palm tree peeking out your head will turn a serious interview into a comedy.

Avoid camera shaking

The main thing is to achieve the lack of shaking of the video image. Shaking is especially noticeable when using the zoom. By the way, it is for this reason that experienced operators quite rarely use this function. Even experienced operators can shake their hands slightly, especially if the camera needs to be held for a long time. If you want to shoot a good video but can’t use a tripod in some conditions, then listen to the advice of television operators: take a video camera in your right hand and place your left hand under it so that it serves as backing.

Work on lighting

Never shoot in the dark! This condition becomes especially relevant when shooting indoors. Making your video, please note that high-quality material can’t be done without good additional lighting because natural light is usually not enough. Use artificial lighting. But even the fastest lenses can’t transmit the image the way the human eye sees it, so additional high-light sources are most often required to shoot high-quality video. Remember that lighting is another full-fledged character in your video. Proper use of light accents and shadows will allow you to focus on important details and hide minor ones. When shooting an interview, try to darken the background and brighten the character in the foreground, and you will immediately see how beneficial it will be for the quality of the video.

Shoot a scene from different angles

The choice of the shooting angle and the designation of the boundaries of the frame are essential elements of preparation. It is at this point that you choose how the viewer sees your story. The right angle will focus attention on important details, and clear framing will create the border of perception of your director’s ideas. In most cases, when shooting a live character, you should place the camera at the level of your eyes. This angle is as close as possible to the usual visual perception and helps “erase” the border of the television screen. But you can also experiment even in traditional formats if you want to create professional videos. Try to shoot the character from unusual angles, take a super-large plan, and do some unexpected transitions. Immerse viewers in the center of events; show them the angles that they will never see in ordinary life.


Knowing how to make a video is half the battle to make a professional movie. The second half consists of processing the material in order to “tastefully” serve it to viewers.


How to make videos? Not a single high-quality video is shot from the first take. Even the most talented and interesting cameramen will look unprofessional without high-quality editing and post-production. Modern editing programs are not so difficult to master; moreover, on the Internet, you can find a lot of videos that show all the basics of video editing. Licensed versions of famous brands’ programs are very expensive, but, for example, the free version of DaVinci Resolve is almost as good as the paid one.

Remember that good editing starts at the stage of camera work – think ahead and take pictures with a clear understanding of how you will later edit your material. Don’t be lazy to shoot more landscapes, close-ups, and so on – their thoughtful inclusion in the main scenes will significantly enliven your video. And the most important rule for beginners – as soon as you have finished shooting the scene, wait another five seconds before turning off the recording. This will help you a lot in editing.

Quality sound is important

The vast majority of modern camcorders, SLR cameras and smartphones are equipped with microphones for recording sound that help make a great video. But non-specialized equipment gives an unprofessional result. Instead of a clear and loud voice of the character, you will get the noise of cars outside the window, the meow of your cat from the kitchen, or the rustling of clothes.

This problem is solved relatively easily – use lapel microphones. If the camera doesn’t have a special input for an external microphone, write the sound separately to an audio recorder, voice recorder or smartphone.

So, how to make a great video? Today, everyone can easily create a masterpiece from their video materials. Unfortunately, many are so addicted to the process that they ignore the basic rules of shooting. Knowing the most important rules for shooting video, you will learn how to create high-quality material that you can immediately use.