A successful video ad will, of course, have a great impact on the wellbeing of a company, and a single genius ad can put a company on the map just because their video was captivating and they were able to capture the attention of customers. But how can one come up with an ad like that? Today we are going to talk about everything that has to do with block video ads, video ads on Facebook and other social media and show how to create video ads, and promo video ads.


Do not copy others

Here are some statistics: a person sees about 2,500 advertising messages per day, from ads in real life to TV ads. But a maximum of 1-2 of them is remembered. Despite this, most companies continue to release the same type of advertising videos, whether it is an advertisement for a cough remedy or a slate factory.

Some don’ts:

  • Do not copy video from your competitors – it will only be worse.
  • Don’t talk about what you are – tell us what you can give.

Tips to help you stand out in a category:

  • Study 50 videos of competitors and try to analyze all of them for yourself in order to avoid them in the future;
  • Watch video works of foreign companies to take a fresh look at your business and find fresh ideas.
  • Determine the X-factor of your brand: what do you have and what competitors don’t have?
  • Create original content: secure a place you will now be associated with.

Tell the truth

Over and over again, commercials appear in which the creators invent non-existent “sterile” situations. Starting from a mother of many children in a white dress with evening make-up and ending with builders without a speck of dust on their clothes.

Moreover, “sterility” can be not only in everyday matters but also in terms of speech. Is a housewife always smiling or always in a great mood? Bold brands have already realized that the sympathy of the viewer can be obtained only if we speak the truth in advertising.

Dove – they were the first brand that told its customers that not all women should look like fashion models, and Nike was the first to tell their customers that they are far from being sportsmen, but you can become better today and so on. This is what distinguishes super brands from “excellent brands” that everyone always wants to like.

There are some nuances here. Many well-known brands are guided by this rule. And it is important to understand that in “truthfulness,” you need to clearly understand the line so as not to go too far.

Keep in mind that some viewers just don’t care

Some companies create commercials about themselves as if people would have no choice to watch them or not. But the life of a modern person makes it possible to choose from millions of different options for content. Let’s be extremely honest and determine which of these videos in the feed you will prefer to skip:

  1. A video where a raccoon steals food from the table;
  2. A man on a motorcycle flies over the canyon;
  3. A new trailer for Deadpool 3;
  4. Elon Musk personally landing on Mars;
  5. Your company’s promotional video.

Here are some eye-catching tools that work:

  1. Show something unusual, captivate the viewer, and intrigue them.
  2. Use certain hook sounds – these are signals or sounds that will attract the viewer’s attention to the video.
  3. Submit a commercial in the form of a mini-film that will describe the pain of a potential client and offer a solution to their problem. People go to the cinema for new experiences: tell them an interesting story, and they will definitely remember you.

Make short videos

Let’s face it: people rarely watch videos longer than 3 minutes, even if this is a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster. And they don’t care that this trailer contains the juiciest scenes from the film with a budget of $300 million.

What can we say about the world of commercials? No one will watch a 10-minute video about your company. The longer your video is, the more likely it is that only you are going to watch it till the end.

Be on YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. Thus, having a YouTube advertising campaign is crucial to the success of your operation. YouTube video ads will make your brand a lot more popular, but you have to be careful. The absence of an ad campaign there may adversely affect the success of a business. You should have your own channel on YouTube. If a user sees that your channel has not been updated for years, this reduces brand confidence.

This is why you need to get your ad on YouTube:

  1. According to statistics, before buying a given product, more than 60% of people look for video reviews about that product or company.
  2. You can create and upload video content to make life easier for your potential customers. So, for example, you can shoot a variety of videos, from explainers to expert tips and reviews on topics that matter to your customers.
  3. People can search for company information on YouTube. If the brand doesn’t have their own channel with popular videos on it, then there is a chance that people will first find 2-3 negative video reviews which will then discourage them from buying your products.


Let’s now talk about the actual process of making a video ad. It isn’t very hard, but there are some important things to remember.

Write the script and concept

You can’t just start recording and make people improvise something on the spot. It will not end in anything good, and it is unlikely that the clip will have at least some value.

Choose most suitable video maker (or trust professionals)

If you know a few things about video editing, then you may end up saving quite a lot of money on the services of professional video creators. But if you don’t know anything about it and plan on just giving all of the material to your cousin who is good with computers, then nothing good will come out of it, and it is better for you to order the services of professionals.

Remember about the first 10 seconds rule

While everything is quite subjective, and rules by which the ad market operates change quite frequently, one thing remains the same when it comes to online video ads. You have to get the attention of a potential customer in a matter of 10 seconds (or rather depending on the platform that you plan on using).

Make your video look great at every detail

Nothing should stick out in your ad as a sore thumb. While ads are, as a rule, not considered to be work of art, and they are aimed at attracting the attention of a potential customer, they still should look nice.

Give a unique offer for users

How to make a video? Everyone is quite tired of the same old boring offers, and users now are quite savvy when it comes to being able to read through all the BS that is thrown their way. If you really want to attract the attention of a user, you should have something meaningful.

Hire professionals for voice acting if needed

How to make video ads? Great voice acting plays a large role in the success of your advertising campaign. Great voice acting may be the only good thing about your advertisement video, but it may save the entire deal if the voice of an actor is captivating, and it can captivate a potential customer.

Appeal to emotions

How to make Facebook video ads? One way to attract the attention of a potential customer is to provoke emotions in them. The hard thing is to identify how you are going to do it, which emotions should be provoked, and how it all should manifest itself in the confines of a video file.

The ending matters

And fittingly, the last thing that should be discussed when it comes to the creation of the video is the ending of your video. While the first few seconds of your video are a lot more important if we are talking about services like YouTube, if the platform allows it, you should end your video on a fitting note. While the beginning of the video should get a person hooked, the end of the video should motivate them to continue watching an add or to visit your website.


The last thing that should be discussed are the ways in which you can reach your customers. There are two main channels through which you get your video ads to be seen by potential customers.

Social media

There are thousands upon thousands of ways you can promote your products on social media, yet the most common ways of promoting one’s products are via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. They all require some deep research, especially the latter (Google video ads), but in the case of the first two social networks, the process is very simple. YouTube provides you with a lot of possibilities when it comes to video ads, and this way works like a clock. As for the Instagram video ads, With a little time investment, you can develop a full-blown mini-website of your company which people will be able to use to either purchase products or order services.

Public events

There are also lots of public events you can attend for the sole reason of promoting your products. There are business conferences, seminars, trade shows, appreciation events, team-building events, etc. When it comes to public events, you have to be very intelligent as to finding the right way to promote your product and make it fitting to the narrative of any given event.

Coming up with a successful video ad will work wonders for your company and thus, your financial wellbeing. However, there are quite a few things that should be remembered before you even think of hiring actors and buying any special equipment. Other than that, you have to know the ways in which you can reach your audience, limitations, and advantages of the major social networks, and the opportunities one can have by attending public business events.